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What are the Different Types of Wax Warmers Available?

What you need to know about type of wax burners

Candles are a mainstay in most homes, but there are certainly alternatives out there. Wax melts or tarts are considered to be an excellent alternative to candles, but require the use of a wax warmer, instead of a flame, to bring them up to a high enough temperature for them to melt. There are several different types, and depending on your situation you may be best suited to a certain one. Let’s explore the differences between the various types of wax warmers, and how you can select the perfect one for you.

Incandescent Bulb Wax Warmers

Incandescent Bulb Warmers Illumination

Ah, the lightbulb. Not the modern LED variety, but the older ones that give off a little bit of heat. Much like an easy bake oven, the incandescent light bulb can be used to melt the wax in your wax burner and fill your home with your desired aroma. A bonus to this style of wax warmer is that you will get an accompanying soft glow from the light bulb in addition to the aroma, giving you the best of both a candle and wax warmer. Whether you use scented or unscented melts, the incandescent bulb will make this warmer a focal point of a room.

Heating Plate Wax Warmers

Heating Plate Wax Warmers

There are also wax burner that come with heating plates instead of the incandescent bulb. The benefit here is that you may not wish for your wax warmer to be noticeable, but would rather the benefits of a more robust unit, while still maintaining some discretion. A heating plate is a completely safe method to melt your wax without relying on an open flame or even the bulbs of the incandescent bulb warmers. These units come in various sizes, and you may even be able to get ones large enough to fit jarred candles.

Plug-In Wax Warmers

Plug-In Warmers UK

The plug-in wax warmers are placed into an outlet, and then you can forget them. They’re great for being out of the way, and still providing a whole room scent. The added benefit of this tiny unit is that when you wish for the aroma to stop, all you’ll have to do is unplug it and store it upright. If you lack the space on your counter or your table, a plug-in wax warmer may be the perfect one for you!

Tea Light Wax Warmer

Tea Light Wax Warmer UK

Of course, maybe you want to do away with electricity altogether. The above options have relied for heat on your home’s electrical grid, but what if you have no power, or perhaps you’re camping in the wilderness but want to give your living space the pleasant aroma of your perfect wax melt? The perfect option for you may be the Tea Light Wax Warmer.

A Tea Light Wax Warmer relies on a tea light candle to provide the heat, and the wax is suspended in one way or another above the heat to allow it to melt. These candles provide a nice soft glow similar to the Incandescent Bulb Wax Warmers, but can you replace a real flame?

I've Picked One Out, What Now?

Great! If you’re anything like me you’re going to love your new wax warmer. Regardless of the variety, the only thing left to do is to provide it with power (or tea light) for heat and place a wax melt inside. Your room will now fill with the pleasant aroma you have selected, and when you’re done, remove the heat and leave the wax ready and waiting for next time.