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Top Reasons to Choose Wax Melts Over Plug-In Air Fresheners

Choose Wax Melts Over Air Fresheners

A plug-in air fresher is one method used to get rid of or mask undesirable odours but it may not be the best one. Although there are several different types of plug-in fresheners, they are best known for being convenient and fitting into any number of spaces. Are you aware that many people are ditching the air freshener and instead of turning to wax melts. Wax melts are being used more often over air freshener plug-ins for a number of reasons. There are a few reasons why you might want to choose the wax melts over other options.

Improved Allergies

Having an all-natural wax melt is going to be better for anyone who suffers from allergies. Plug-in air freshers contain multiple chemicals including benzene and toluene. Some of these compounds used have been linked to causing health concerns and even some serious ones in the long-term. In contrast, soy wax melts do not contain any toxins or pollutants. This makes them healthier and also less likely to bother people with allergies. Many people are making the switch to soy wax melts and noticing improved symptoms.

Improved Allergies

Less Expensive

If you’ve ever shopped around for air fresheners, you may know that they’re often high in cost. The average person uses at least plug-in air freshers a year but that number could be triple if you have a larger house. If you price out the typical air freshener, you can expect to spend around £15. Wax melt plug-ins work similarly but you only have to purchase the warmer unit for the wax melts once and then refill the melts. Typically, a single ounce of wax can provide you with 180 hours of fragrance. If you run both units for the same time, you’re likely going to save around £70/year.

Wax Melts Are Less Expensive

Better for Health

In a study of plug-in air fresheners, researchers found that hormone-disrupting chemicals or phthalates were present in every 12 of 14 fresheners studied. This was found even in fresheners that were labeled as being natural. This means that even choosing a natural option doesn’t mean you’re avoiding all risk. Soy wax melts do not contain any harsh chemicals or pollutants. You could even find them infused with natural fragrances or essential oils. Since soy wax melts will not contain any potentially harmful compounds, it’s better for your long-term health to choose them.

Flame Free

Unfortunately, the average plug-in air freshener is flammable. They liquids that are flammable and can burst into flame creating a risk for homeowners who use them. Soy max welts surprisingly are not going to increase the risk of fire. The typical warmer uses a 25-watt bulb to melt the wax. This is a very low heat and won’t cause the wax to burst into flame.

Electric Wax Burner

Plug-In Refills are Limited

If you choose a plug-in air freshener, then you’re going to be limited by what the manufacturer provides when it comes to fragrances and options. This is a marketing tool that companies use to avoid having competition for their product. However, with a wax melt, you can choose any scented max welt to use with your wax burner. With a huge variety of options, it’s recommended that you use wax melts for the maximum choice.


A plug-in air freshener will typically last about 4-5 days. You may have noted that it smells strong when it’s first plugged in but the smell seems to go away rapidly. This is because the fragrance oil dissipates all at once. In contrast, wax melts are released slowly and create a more even experience. They also burn at a lower temperature to allow the fragrance to last up to 50% longer. This is why it’s usually less hassle to use a wax melt.

Large Variety

If you have specific preferences when it comes to air fresheners, then wax melts are for you. Plug-in fresheners are limited when it comes to fragrance choices and appearance. Wax melters are highly variable though. You can find a style that’s fun and fits your personal decor preferences. You can also choose the size that you want from larger pieces to small plug-in options.

How to use wax melts

Control Air Fragrance Delivery

With most of the oil-based fragrances, you can vary the intensity of the delivery. The oil that is in the fragrances can’t be released slowly which is why it can be very intense or not even noticeable after a few days. In contrast, wax melts come in a few small squares or small shapes which can be divided and then added as desired to increase the fragrance. Most of the melts come in small pieces that each last a few hours. This means that you can add more or fewer to change the intensity of the scent.

Wax Melts Can Be Mixed

Are you aware that you can mix the wax melts? One of the reasons why people love them is that they can create their own scent profiles. You can’t do this with a plug-in freshener. However, wax melts which have the same ingredient as wax are compatible. You can stick with one fragrance if desired or mix a few to get the scent profile that you prefer.

Most of Wax Melts are Natural

You’ve probably seen soy wax candles before and preferred them due to their natural state. Many plug-in fresheners state that they are natural but they actually don’t contain many of the ingredients which make them a more natural option. This is because these natural ingredients are often going to have a higher price tag. When compared though, soy wax melt design was to create them by using an economic model to provide a product that people wanted to use. They come in a wide range of fragrances and may even use essential oils. When melting the wax melts which contain essential oils, this is similar to creating natural aromatherapy. With a more natural profile, soy wax melts are the obvious choice when trying to limit artificial ingredients.

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