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What Are Wax Melts And How To Use Them

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We all love the aroma of scented candles. They infuse any room with delightful scents and enchanting perfumes. But do you know there’s a better alternative to using scented wax without a burning wick? They’re called wax melts, and once you know about them, you may never burn a candle ever again.

What Is A Wax Melt?

A wax melt is essentially the same thing as a scented wax candle, but their fragrance is released by melting instead of burning. Most wax melts are made from either paraffin or soy wax. Fragrances are added to molten wax, which is then poured into molds and allowed to solidify again. Dyes are also added to the molten wax to make them more visually attractive.

Wax melts don’t just have to be about beautiful perfumes. They can also be used for aromatherapy allowing you to enjoy the health benefits of vanilla and sandalwood and other essential oils.

How Do You Use Wax Melts?

Wax melts can be used with most kinds of traditional oil burners, whether they use electric warmers, or are warmed with a lit tealight. But instead of placing oil and water in the warming dish, you place a wax melt instead. Or you can purchase a warmer specifically designed for wax melts. Either way, they still do the same job; melt your wax melt to release the beautiful aromas from the oil stored in your wax melt.

The temperature of the warmer you use will affect how the wax, melts. Warmers with higher temperatures will melt the wax faster and release the fragrances quicker, giving off a more intense smell. But warmers that use lower temperatures melt the wax slower, but the scent lasts longer, although the aroma won’t be as intense.

What type of warmer should i use?

The choice of warmer is up to you, really. If you prefer a more subtle perfume that lasts longer, then a lower-temperature warmer would be perfect for you. But if you’re looking for a more intense experience, then look for a warmer with a higher temperature. We recommend tealight burners as they reach hotter temperatures than electric warmers, and we really love the more intense aroma experience created by a tealight burner compared to the more subtle aroma created by electric warmers.

Oh, and here’s a tip for anyone wanting the ultimate aroma experience; use more than one wax melt at a time. Not only will more fragrance be released, but you can experiment with different combinations of perfumes for that added aroma experience. There are so many different scent combinations to try!

Unlike a scented candle, the wax from a wax melt doesn’t burn off or disappear. So, once all the fragrance from the oil stored in the wax melt has been released, you’ll need to remove the melted wax from the warming dish. If the wax is stuck to the dish, then warm it up again for a minute, and it should easily slide off the dish. For stubborn pieces of wax, try melting the wax completely and soaking it up with some cotton wool.

The Benefits Of Using A Wax Melt Instead Of A Scented Candle

Scented candles can be lovely to use, especially at night. But they’re kind of pointless in daylight. Plus, the fragrance released by scented candles is less intense than a wax melt, because much of the fragrance stored in the candle is burnt-off by the candle-flame. This is where wax melts really come into their own, because all of the aroma stored in the oil contained in the wax melt is released when heated, giving you a much more intense perfume than a scented candle.

Of course, using both at the same time is an excellent compromise. There’s nothing more romantic than the mood lighting created by using some well-positioned scented candles combined with the sensual fragrance emanating from a wax melt warmer. What a winning team!

What Are You Waiting For?

Now you know how easy wax melts are to use, and how versatile they are, why not give them a go? Imagine your home filled with beautiful combinations of amazing perfumes released from a set of strategically placed wax melt warmers. Think of all the possibilities, from a sensual evening with your partner of choice, to the health benefits of wax melt delivered aromatherapy. No matter the reason, there’s sure to be a wax melt perfect for you.

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